New Water Treatment Plant

Good News!


The City of Ventura is very pleased to inform our residents, that after a ridiculous number of delays and hurdles to overcome, THE NEW WATER PLANT IS FINALLY OPERATIONAL!!  In layman’s terms it means that water is actually coming from one of our two new deep wells and is being treated in the new facility.  Below are a few fun facts about the new facility and information about this process.


The Ventura Water Works started up the new Water Treatment Plant on Friday 11/10/2023.


Over the next couple of weeks, we will be changing the disinfectant that we use from chloramines to free chlorine as part of our program to ensure the highest quality of drinking water is delivered to your home. Flushing of the distribution system will also occur during this time.


The new water filter treatment process will be removing the iron and manganese from the water that goes into the distribution system. This may take some time to optimize and likely require periodic flushing of the distribution system.


During this time, you may notice a change in water quality and have odors in the drinking water. You may also experience periods of discolored water. You can help alleviate this discoloration and odor by turning on your faucets and running the water until it clears.


Water customers should be aware that residual traces of chlorine must be removed from the water prior to its use in fish aquariums and ponds, kidney dialysis and some commercial manufacturing of food and beverage. 


Kidney dialysis patients should follow your doctor’s recommendations.  Medical centers that perform dialysis commonly remove the chloramines or chlorine that enters the dialysis machines. You should consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of water for dialysis.


Please contact The City of Ventura at 641-829-3861 with any questions or concerns.